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Select A Design: Holiday Edition

Our website now has a new feature! You may choose seasonal designs to order on t-shirts, coffee mugs, drinking glasses, and more starting this holiday season! What fun it is to celebrate the holidays with some of our carefully chosen prints. What a fantastic way to help you come up with ideas for your personalized gifts and wearables.

The actual meaning of Christmas is represented by the Believe - Manger design! Under the manger, along with a wise man and farm animals, the artwork depicts Mary, Joseph, and the infant Jesus. What a wonderful manner this design is to celebrate the birth of Jesus.

With a coal button that will make you appear like Frosty the Snowman, we suggest the Buffalo Plaid Snowman Scarf design for those families, friends, and groups that enjoy dressing up together for the holidays. Simply add red and black plaid pants, a hat, and a button nose to complete this design on a t-shirt! We also advise taking some eggnog with you and singing Christmas carols outside!

During the holiday season, baking is essential! Cakes, pies, cookies, and more cookies! Did I mention cookies? We have a design for the wonderful baker, mother, or grandmother that bakes from sunrise to sunset, naturally while enjoying Christmas movies. Another fantastic present idea is the Bake Stuff and Watch Movies, especially for bakers! Save some milk and cookies for Santa Claus, that's what I say! We have a few other designs, just check out our other Christmas Designs.

Inquiries are welcome, and we can add these designs to other items in addition to our 100% cotton t-shirts.

Happy Holidays and Merry Christmas!

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