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Springtime Silver Jewelry, Embrace the Beauty of Nature with Style!

Spring is the season for flowers, leaves, and birds! What a wonderful time of year to listen to birds sing in the slightly warm air. Luckily, you can experience spring frolic by wearing our silver jewelry that represents these symbols! Shop now!

Such symbols, such as our silver necklaces are great pieces to be worn with many colorful outfits on any occasion!

When you hear birds singing, such as our Sterling Silver Mama Bird with Two Baby Birds with stones you’ll know its springtime and you should be outside savoring the weather in a park, by a lake, or even in your backyard. Mama bird is perched on the chain watching over her two babies that are sitting on a branch. Attached to the branch are two in red and one in purple. The necklace is approx. 1 inch and 18 inches in length.

Bright and beautiful colors also is a part of spring, especially with Easter during this time, so why not choose this bright Sunflower/Leaf Branch Charm Necklace? The branch of leaves are set on either side of the bright yellow sunflower and has a white bead on top of each branch. Size is about 1 inch, 18 inches in length, and zinc/alloy metal.

Butterflies are stunning because they come in so many different colors and shapes. They are also incredible to watch as they fly around flowers and trees. What a beautiful view. Embracing the butterfly with our Sterling Silver Heart with Butterfly Necklace to go with any spring or summer dress or make a great gift for a loved one! A small butterfly accents this heart in solid sterling silver. Size: approx. 1 inch and necklace length: approx. 18 inches

Our Tree of Life Pendant Necklace hanging from a half moon makes this a pretty and unique necklace to wear, with five styles: green, white, red, yellow/red, and black/white swirls. Size: approx. 1-inch necklace length: approx. 18 inches, metal is zinc/alloy.

Leaves will start to grow on trees and move freely from the warm breeze. The Sterling Silver Leaf Pendant and Necklace has beautiful detail to it that will make this a statement piece. Size is approx. 1 inch and necklace length: approx. 18 inches.

Spring is almost here! Shop for these styles or check out our other silver jewelry.

Happy Spring!

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