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Stay Wild Moon Child, Custom Creations

Our custom creation shirts, we want to make unique to the individual, or even unique pre-design shirts that can be ordered right away. Take a look at our “Stay Wild Moon Child", shirt design as there is an extraordinary meaning to the saying, and this shirt can be a great gift to anyone or just to wear for yourself!

Why it's so important to embrace your inner wildness and moon child?

This quote is often used in the movie and television industry to remind actors and actresses to stay true to their emotions on and off the screen.

The quote also can be interpreted in many different ways, which makes it perfect for use on social media posts or as a quotation in a book.

Stay wild, moon child.

This is a quote by Stevie Nicks, a songwriter and singer who never swayed from her belief system. The quote is an inspiration to stay true to oneself and not get lost in what society expects of you.

This is a quote from Margaret Atwood that inspires me. I feel it resonates with my personality and outlook on life. Stay wild refers to staying true to oneself, letting yourself be who you are without restraints or restrictions.

The moon child refers to the idea of being unique and special, drawing power from your individuality.

The phrase "stay wild, moon child" is a reminder to stay true to yourself. I include this phrase in my presentation to inspire the audience. It's a tough world out there and not everyone wants you to grow and be your best self. It's important to have those reminders of why it's worth fighting for the dreams that you have.

“Stay wild, moon child."
I will shine my full silver light on your path, Moon child. Trust your intuition and follow your dreams. When I go dark, go within and tend to yourself, set your goals and release what no longer serves. When I come out of the shadow Moon child, go, be brave, and to yourself stay wild and true.”

― Riitta Klint


The Shirt Design

There are stars and circles all in the young lady's hair. The flower, lips, and words are red vinyl. The leaves are in glitter green vinyl and the eyes are in glitter brown vinyl.

Can be made sized S-4XL

Right now the shirt can be ordered through our page.

Stay Wild Moon Child

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