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Surround yourself with luck and prosperity with our 4 leaf clover set for St. Patrick’s Day!

With our sterling silver 4-leaf clover necklace and earring set for St. Patrick's Day, you can wrap the magic of achievement, confidence, hope, and love around your own personal style! We're confident that you'll adore wearing the set with all of your green clothing! St. Patrick's Day, also known as the feast of St. Patrick, is traditionally celebrated as a day to honor Ireland's patron saint.

Why not silver when everyone is looking for the leprechaun to bring them gold? Wearing the 925 sterling silver four-leaf clover necklace and earrings set on St. Patrick's Day or any other day will bring good fortune and wealth.

Everyone is in search of the leprechaun for gold, but why not silver? Sterling Silver 4 Leaf Clover Necklace and Earrings set is in 925 real silver, which can be worn on St. Patrick’s Day or any day to bring daily prosperity of luck.

A little history about the 4 leaf clover:

The four leaves of the four-leaf clover, which stand for success, trust, hope, and love, became a lucky charm in Ireland hundreds of years ago. Early Irish Druids (Celtic priests) held the view that carrying a three-leaf clover or shamrock would allow them to see approaching evil entities and give them a window of opportunity to flee. Celtic charms known as four-leaf clovers were thought to provide magical protection and ward off ill luck. The first literary mention of four-leaf clovers being lucky was made in 1620 by Sir John Melton. Children in the Middle Ages thought that if they held one, they would be able to see fairies.

Four Leaf Clover Facts:

  • For every "fortunate" four-leaf clover, there are roughly 10,000 three-leaf clovers.
  • Four-leaf clovers are extremely uncommon because no wild clover plant can grow four leaves.
  • The four leaves of a four-leaf clover are said to represent luck, love, hope, and faith.
  • The proverb "the prosperity of the Irish" refers to the widespread belief that Ireland has the highest concentration of four-leaf clovers of any country.
  • Look for more if you're fortunate enough to come across one! A four-leaf clover is more likely to be produced by a clover plant than a plant that only makes shamrocks.
  • The fourth leaf may not be as large or be the same green color as the other three.
  • Give someone else your four-leaf clover if you're the superstitious type. This is said to increase your luck by twofold.


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Happy St. Patrick’s Day!


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